The first time I performed as Gallagher was Halloween of 2007. I thought It would be a funny costume, Sledge'o Matic and all. Most people told me I should have brought a watermelon. I just smiled and then, at 2:15 am, when the bars let out, I set up a table in the street and performed a half hour set as Gallagher. I smashed a lot of stuff that night. I’m pretty sure at 2:15 am I was smashed too.

Later that year I was asked to revisit my Halloween nights performance for the Georgetown ARTOPIA festival. Again I dressed as the comedian, weaved together satirical jokes and smashed a bunch of stuff. The show was well received and I performed it again the following year, slightly altered.



Artopia 2007: Gallagher

Artopia 2008: Gallagher



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