I am often asked by individuals to create a work of art for their friends, family or home. I love to work this way and these pieces become special to the buyer because of the way they are developed, that is, through conversations and not just picking them off the wall. Here I’d like to give you a glimpse of how this kind of request works.

If you are interested in commissioning me for an art piece, contact me. We will begin a conversation about where you imagine the piece will go, what the basic subject matter is and what the reason is for you wanting a custom work of art. “Just because it’s pretty.” is a perfectly reasonable answer. From there, for free, I will draw/paint three sketches for you to see. When we come to an agreement about composition, color and presentation, a contract will be signed by the both of us that identifies the specific characteristics of the commission.

Those specific items may include but are not limited too: size, materials, installation, time frame and payment schedule.

Look for labeled commissioned works on my site.

For inquiries send an e-mail to:

christopher [ at ] christopherart [ dot ] com












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